5 Top Tips for storage in the home

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5 Top Tips for storing items in your home

Keeping your home tidy, organised and clutter free can prove quite a challenge, especially if you have a large family with lots of clothes, shoes and toys to contend with or alternatively you may have a small living space where you need to utilise every nook and cranny for storage so that you're not tripping over things. We all have issues with storage one way or another, so I thought I'd put together a few storage ideas which can be applied to any home.

1. Keeping hallways clear

Hallways often see a lot of human traffic on a daily basis, from early morning dashes to work and school to post and other deliveries. This area can turn into a bit of a dumping ground for shoes, coats and bags. If there is room, a good solution is a coat rack with additional low shelving underneath, either invest in a free-standing coat stand or fix a rail of hooks to a wall with shelves located below. If you have space under a stair well or even better, an under stairs cupboard, be sure to make the use of these hideaway spaces, but also remember to make them easily accessible so that they get used. Try giving each household member their own hook and shoe box to encourage them to keep their things together and organised. You could even paint the wall behind with blackboard paint to write their names and any additional notes or messages you'd like to leave them.

2. Bedroom retreat

The bedroom can be another that falls victim to the clothes monster, it can be a hassle to always tidy clothes away, you can end up with the 'clean pile', the 'worn once pile' and 'to be washed pile' and if you share a room then double the amount of mess. But there's nothing better than, having finished a busy day of work or looking after the kids, to retreat to a tidy bedroom for a good nights rest. I always make the bed first thing in the morning without fail and really appreciate climbing into it at the end of the day. Having a large wardrobe is probably the best option for storing clothes plus being able to find them again. Chest of drawers are great too, but can often be overloaded with clothes, to the extent you can't always locate that Summer or Winter top you remember having. We were very lucky to stumble across our large wooden wardrobe when it was left on the side of the road to be collected for free. Yes, it wasn't quite the right shade of mahogany, but after a few coats of Farrow and Ball paint it looks fantastic and has so much room to store all my dresses. If you're not so fortunate to come across a wardrobe for free, why not check out your local antique centers, visit a flea market or look on Ebay. If you're happy to invest in a new one, make sure it's good quality and made to last.

3. Use it or lose it

I'm afraid this is a motto I often use as I'm not a big fan of clutter or hoarding things, fair enough if they do have some future purpose and would cost a lot to replace, but there are always items which get accumulated and pushed aside into a pile or a drawer never to be used again. These items could be taking up valuable storage space. It can be really refreshing and worthwhile having a good clear out now and again. Reclaim back some of your house and create an interior you love to live in. There are a number of options available to help declutter, the first is to donate items to charity shops, the second is sell things at a car boot, a flea market or even on Ebay, you could even use the money made to reinvest in home furnishings, decorating or those new boots you've been tempted to buy. But at the end of the day if there are items you just can't bear to part with, find a local self storage place, these are becoming increasingly popular and are cropping up all over the place and cost around £20 per week.

4. Display collections

Most people have a collection of some kind, it may be shoes, coins, posters, or vintage treasures, but they all need somewhere to be stored. Some people keep collections under the bed or in the attic and others might have them adorning walls and bookcases. The time and money it can take to build up a collection can be significant, so why not show them off and display them for all to see. There are some great display ideas for the home out there. I currently love vintage bevelled edge mirrors, they can come in all shapes and sizes and they look stunning grouped together on a wall. We have a number of these mirrors hanging together as you go up the stairs, not only does it bring a little more light to a dark area of the house but they really add to the vintage look and style we're after in our home. Recently the trend to collect taxidermy animals has become popular, it's not quite my thing, but I do appreciate the way they are displayed, mostly in glass cases, and this is a great way to showcase pieces. Glass domes can be easily purchased and look great but also keep collectables protected and dust free.

5. Storage for kids toys

We haven't come across this problem ourselves just yet, but we are expecting a new little addition to our family very soon, so it has crossed my mind to start thinking about how to store kids toys and baby clothes. Most kids tend to have their own room or share with another sibling but the chances of keeping all their belongings neatly in the one place is pretty low. So here are a few suggestions on how to try and keep your home from looking like one big playground. Invest in a shelving storage unit with individual boxes for different types of toys which can be reached by small children, colour code them or let the children decorate their own boxes, allow them to claim them as their own and hopefully they'll be proud to put their toys in them. Use vintage metal trunks or old vintage suitcases to store fancy dress outfits, not only do they provide great storage space but they also look good. Or alternatively buy a number of large jute storage bags, these are hard wearing, hold a lot of items and still look stylish in your home.

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